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Quick Coupled Sprinkler Pipes for Irrigation as per IS:14151(PT-2):2008

Product HDPE Quick Coupled Sprinkler Pipe
Referral Standard IS:14151(PT-2):2008
Primary Application Sprinkler Irrigation
Material Grade PE63
Pressure Ratings PN2.5 & PN3.2
Sizes (OD in mm) 63, 75, 90, 110

Other Application

Insdustrial applications for transportation of aggressive fluids like acids/gas/chemicals, coal handling in mines.

Column pipes for submersible pumps.

Rural & Agricultural pipes, Sprinkler Irrigation

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Ducts, Underground cable ducting

Features & Advantages

  • Easy and fast installation.

  • High corrosion resistance.

  • High impact strength.

  • High chemical and abrasion resistance.

  • Excellent water hammer resistance.

  • Excellent UV resistance.

  • Excellent weld-ability and leak proof joints.

  • Long Service Life.

Length & Packaging

Size Range in mm Pipe Length
63-110 Straight length of 20 ft. each

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