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Our Vision

Presently the situation of drinking water supplies and sanitation management in India is not satisfactory, which causes a lot of diseases to the people of India. Government is deeply concerned to provide clean and healthy drinking water and sanitation facilities to the citizens living in rural as well as urban areas. The government of India through the department of drinking water and sanitation has taken significant steps to meet this challenge through many different programs.

We at B.R. Polyplast LLP focus on the best possible quality of HDPE & MDPE pipes as plastic pipes are being used with confidence in water systems and sanitation and has been demonstrated to be safe and economical in this application. Plastic pipes are being used in water supplies as the maintenance of water quality is a primary concern and plastic pipes inert in the normal environment, bacteria and fungi do not affect them and they do not react with acids or soils unlike metal and concrete pipes. Hence, we focus how to provide the best quality of pipes for the betterment of environment and for the safety of people. We also assure in maintaining the quality of our product as per the Bureau of Indian Standards.